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The Importance of Transformer Skeleton to Transformer
  Skeleton, also known as transformer skeleton, or transformer wire frame, is the main structure of the transformer components. Transformers in today's society is widely used? Corresponding to the main body is also essential? So the current skeleton has an irreplaceable effect.
  1, for the transformer in the supply of copper around the space
  2, fixed in the transformer core
  3, the transformer in the skeleton of the trunking for the production of winding wire when the supply line.
  Transformer as an electronic components of the device, in the electronic components during the operation if the operation will be improperly there will be a lot of small problems, resulting in damage to the transformer or accident, so manufacturers recommend the use of the transformer is to pay attention to its correct operation And regular maintenance.
  4, the skeleton of the metal pin for the transformer copper wire around the pillar; through the solder after the PCB board connected to the transformer work to play the effect of conduction.
  5, the skeleton of the bottom of the retaining wall? Transformers and PCB board can be a fixed effect; for the solder occurred when the tin reactor and PCB board and the core and the PCB board supply the inevitable distance; blocking the core and tin reactor to avoid Occurrence of poor pressure.
  6, the skeleton of the bumps, pits or chamfers can determine the direction of the transformer when using the direction or pin order.
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